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Trumpets Jazz Club & Restaurant


6 Depot Square
Montclair, NJ 07042
ph. 973-744-2600
em. trumpets@verizon.net


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Date Event Time / Price
Mar24Sat Hendrik Meurkens Quartet 20:00
Mar25Sun One More Once Big Band With Special Guest Antonio Hart 20:00
Mar30Fri Mel Davis And Friends 20:00
Mar31Sat Dave Stryker Quartet Birthday Celebration 20:00
Apr5Thu Organic Quintet (cd Release) 20:00
Apr6Fri Enrico Granafei Featuring The Bob Cat Quartet 20:00
Apr8Sun The Frank Piombo Project 19:00

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Logo of Trumpets Jazz Club & Restaurant Trumpets offers the best in Jazz, World Music, Blues... and we sometimes even have Rock & Classical. We have lots of special events at which feature internationally acclaimed musicians. Our food is very good and we have a full service bar. Music charge varies. No music charge on Thursday evenings-Noche latina!

Alcohol served: Yes

Takes reservations: Yes

Accepts credit cards: Yes

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Newark New York City

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