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Jazz Cafe


5 Parkway
London, NW1 7PG
United Kingdom
ph. 020 7485 6834
em. info@thejazzcafelondon.com


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Date Event Time / Price
Apr20Fri Byron Wallen's Gamelan Ensemble Play Boards Of Canada - Restaurant Tic 19:00
May2Wed Bob James 19:00
May5Sat An Introduction To Yellow Magic Orchestra 19:00
May17Thu Mast: Thelonious Sphere Monk - Restaurant Tickets 19:00
May22Tue A 50th Anniversary Celebration of Gabor Szabo's Dreams 19:00
May25Fri Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra 22:30
May26Sat Miles Davis Kind of Blue 19:00

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Jazz Cafe London's premiere live music venue returns. Celebrating the best music from across the world seven nights a week.

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