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Smoke Jazz & Supper Club


2751 Broadway
New York, NY 10025
ph. 212-864-6662
em. info@smokejazz.com


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Date Event Time / Price
Mar19Mon Vincent Herring Quartet 7:00 PM
Mar19Mon Vincent Herring Quartet 9:00 PM
Mar19Mon The New Jam Session Hosted by Vincent Herring 10:30 PM
Mar20Tue Mike LeDonne's Groover Quartet 7:00 PM
Mar20Tue Mike LeDonne's Groover Quartet 9:00 PM
Mar20Tue Mike LeDonne's Groover Quartet 10:30 PM
Mar21Wed Lezlie Harrison Sings from the Great American Soulbook 7:00 PM

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Smoke Jazz & Supper Club

PSmoke Jazz & Supper Club presents world-class jazz seven nights a week. Candlelit tables, plush velvet banquets, antique chandeliers, and an historic full-length bar create a real jazz vibe. Smoke also serves the perfect complement to classic jazz— soulful American cuisine. The room has seating for just over fifty, which ensures that every listener is close to the action. During Smoke's renovation, the primary focus was on creating an unparalleled room for music...and it shows. The acoustics are some of the best anywhere. Pianist David Hazeltine remarked, “I love playing this room. It’s rare that the piano can be heard as clearly as it is in this club.” Harold Mabern added, “It’s the best jazz club in the world.” In the 15 years since its opening, jazz has continued to thrive at 106th (aka Duke Ellington Boulevard) and Broadway and Smoke is adding a few new chapters of history to a location that has been host to a legendary jazz venue for over 40 years

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