Outpost 186

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186 1/2 Hampshire St.
Cambridge, MA 02139
em. robchalfen@hotmail.com

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Outpost 186

OUTPOST 186 is a new arts, media and performance space at 186 1/2 Hampshire St. in Inman Square, Cambridge, Mass. It offers an informal chamber music ambiance with surprisingly good room acoustics and a Yamaha Upright.

Over the years it has become the key Boston home for Free Jazz with performances by the heart and soul of the Boston Community from elder luminaries such as John Voigt and Laurence Cook to people in the thick of it such as Dave Bryant and Jim Hobbs to a whole cohort of people young and old from far and wide.

Bill Dixon, Bern Nix, Calvin Weston, Daniel Carter, Bill Elgart, Matthew Shipp and Darius Jones have all visited. And the regulars more than hold their own.

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