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Street Address Unknown
New York, NY 10013
em. noanoamusic@moonjune.com


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MoonJune Records

Not unlike its namesake - the independent international progressive record label, MoonJune Records, NYC - MoonJune Music Bookings is spearheaded by Leonardo “MoonJune” Pavkovic. Leonardo boasts an extense booking pedigree which began in 2000, when he assisted the Indonesian progressive fusion band, DISCUS, in booking a gig in NYC. (This came on the heels of their invitation to perform in several festivals in the US.)

His reputation quickly grew, courtesy of early work with progressive cult icons, Finisterre. Leonardo's presence and passion were magnified through his efforts in helping to form and promote the next incarnation of the great Soft Machine, SOFT WORKS, which later would become SOFT MACHINE LEGACY. (He continued assisting the legendary, otherworldly guitarist, ALLAN HOLDSWORTH, in the aftermath of the band's transition.) Through his efforts to license the Soft Works album in Japan, he developed important contacts there, which led to him booking tours for the Italian prog legends, PFM. His warm ties with Japan continue through today, as Leonardo has booked more than 60 tours there, and has personally visited the country on 38 separate occasions.

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