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1324 University Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32211
ph. 904 240-1009
em. jazzlandcafe@aol.com

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JAZZLAND, a new live jazz venue where Jazz acts are showcased is now booking Seasoned Jazz Musicians with a following for our 2011 Schedule. Also, if you are a Seasoned Jazz Solo Performer, we want to hear from you too! For new jazz bands that are still developing... so don't be discouraged, we’ll do our best to find a slot for you even if we say no the first time.

JAZZLAND is everything a jazz musician wants and everything a club should be! Dim, intimate, intense and hazy, with great acoustics. The overall ambience is stylish and contemporary without being too pretentious. JAZZLAND will be packed at times, but you can count on hearing the best jazz in Jacksonville. So duck into this sensational new Jazz Room for some straight-ahead music. A truly cool way to spend an evening!

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