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Hoob Records was founded in Göteborg, Sweden in the fall of 2003. Hoob Records is an independent label that will release innovative, bold and classy music. It is run in a collective manner, where the bandmembers themselves provide both the energy of their art and the work traditionally done by the staff of a record company. We hope you will enjoy the work of Universum, MUSICMUSICMUSIC, Love Supreme and S. F. B, and the work of future artists of Hoob Records.

.the Hoob team

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  1. Sanctuary Linus Lindblom
    November 16, 2016
  2. Aerials Lina Nyberg
    April 20, 2016
  3. When in Paris The Ordinary Square
    When in Paris
    June 15, 2015
  4. Vocals Nils Berg Cinemascope
    May 01, 2014
  5. Lina Nyberg: The Sirenades Lina Nyberg
    Lina Nyberg: The Sirenades
    April 02, 2014
  6. Open Rein Cecilia Persson
    Open Rein
    March 23, 2014
  7. Delphian Palace The Splendor
    Delphian Palace
    November 08, 2013
  8. Fredrik Ljungkvist / Yun Kan 10: Ten Fredrik Ljungkvist / Yun Kan 10
    Fredrik Ljungkvist / Yun Kan 10: Ten
    May 02, 2013
  9. Popmotion Nils Berg Cinemascope
    June 12, 2012
  10. Martin Hoper: The Bride Martin Höper
    Martin Hoper: The Bride
    March 16, 2012
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