Xiomara & Axel Laugart at @exuberance



Fri, February 23, 2018

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The voice is the first instrument. We cry out at birth and keep vocalizing until our last gasp. We sing at school and at church. We sing in the shower. We express joy and sadness in song. We all sing naturally—unless self-consciouness and shame overtake us. To sing is healthy. It’s good for us.

Something happens to singing with the invention of recording. Vocalizing and its inflections become fixed. We imitate the recording because that’s how the song goes. We imitate other singers. We lose the connection to singing’s natural source—feeling.

Attention singers—Xiomara Laugart here @exuberance. Great pipes and musical intelligence. Equal portions of power and ease. But her connection to the authentic place where music comes from is what sets Xiomara apart. ...

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