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Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club


7719 Wisconsin Ave.
Bethesda, MD 20814
ph. 240-330-4500


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Date Event Time / Price
Jan23Tue Igor Butman Quintet 8:00 PM
Jan24Wed Chico DeBarge 8:00 PM
Jan25Thu The Ron Holloway Band and Revelator Hill 8:00 PM
Jan26Fri "Into the Great Wide Open" Tom Petty Tribute 8:00 PM
Jan28Sun SIXX Sings Smokey Tribute Band 7:30 PM
Jan31Wed Jos Andr Montao 8:00 PM

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Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club A small concert hall serving excellent food & drink. See your favorite performers in an intimate, elegant & acoustically superb setting.

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Bethesda Washington Baltimore

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