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Bar Next Door


129 MacDougal Street
New York, NY 10012
ph. 212-529-5945
em. next.door@verizon.net


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Date Event Time / Price
Mar31Sat Arun Luthra’s Konnakol Project To Perform 19:30
Apr30Mon Dorian Devins 20:30

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The warm, lingering tones of Jonathan Kreisberg’s hollow body guitar filled the dimly lit semi- subterranean space at La Lanterna di Vittorio’s Bar Next Door one Wednesday last month, mingling with the cosmic strains of Gary Versace’s organ and the crashing vibrations of Mark Ferber’s cymbals.

Skip to Sunday when Peter Mazza’s trio created an equally transporting experience as the guitarist soloed over a sample of himself on the standard “My Funny Valentine”, forming a lush, intricate string orchestration, while Will Vinson added a compelling dynamic on saxophone. A group of cheerful Greek tourists continually clinked their wine glasses while a family of four and a relaxed couple sipped their martinis by candlelight.

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