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32 Records


No Longer Operational
New York, NY 10013


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32 Records

32 Records was a record label established in 1995 by record producer Joel Dorn and attorney Robert Miller. Its 32 Jazz imprint released a successful series of compilation albums. The label was named for Dorn's favorite sports number. 32 Records also released new material by artists such as The Jazz Passengers and established 32 R&B, 32 Blues, 32 Groove, and 32 Pop subsidiaries.

32 Records acquired the holdings of the Muse and Landmark labels, and established the 32 Jazz subsidiary in 1997 with the aim of re-issuing numerous jazz recordings. During the late 1990s, 32 Jazz released a successful series of inexpensive “Jazz for…” compilations. The first of these, Jazz for a Rainy Afternoon, was released in 1997 in conjunction with Elle. In 1999, 32 Jazz had become the top jazz label in the Billboard charts, before Verve Music Group merged its Verve and GRP holdings into a single output.

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  1. Horace Silver: Re-Entry Horace Silver
    Horace Silver: Re-Entry
    December 19, 2003
  2. Jazz That Swings Various Artists
    Jazz That Swings
    January 21, 2003
  3. 32 Gems from 32 Jazz Various Artists
    32 Gems from 32 Jazz
    January 21, 2003
  4. [no cover] Various Artists
    Jazz for...
    January 21, 2003
  5. [no cover] Sam Jones
    Something In Common
    March 01, 2001
  6. [no cover] Richard Davis
    Forest Flowers
    March 01, 2001
  7. [no cover] Sam Jones
    Something In Common
    January 01, 2001
  8. [no cover] Sam Jones
    Sam Jones: Something In Common
    January 01, 2001
  9. [no cover] Billy Childs
    Bedtime Stories: A Tribute To Herbie Hancock
    January 01, 2001
  10. Bedtime Stories Billy Childs Trio
    Bedtime Stories
    January 01, 2001
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